I’m in that transitional period once again… I’ve finished the rewrite I was working on but can’t really face going back to one of the other stories, so I’m having a few days break. 

On Wednesday, I read through the draft of the second novel for the first time in a couple of months, along with comments from a friend who also read the story.  I feel the first twelve chapters have some structural problems concerning too much back story introduced in the wrong places.  Some of the warmth and the charm from earlier manuscripts has now gone, lost in a flurry of grim memories of rising vigilantism on a tough housing estate in 1980s Britain at the time of the first recession.   Having said that, there are far more psychologically chilling scenes in the present and a greater rationale behind the antagonist’s behaviour.  

This problem occurs often in the process of ruthless editing… you solve one major problem, but end up losing something of the original.

I also took a lot at the novel I started recently but had to abandon due to the rewrite of the first.   Like the other two, this third one is a psychological thriller dealing with memory flashbacks.   In some ways, I was pleasantly surprised at the writing and the pace, although I think some scenes will need further clarification.  I also think the basic plot structure might need further work.


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