Occasionally, I’ve written something and thought it good, but when I’ve gone back to it after several weeks, I’ve found it muddled or lacking logic.  I think this is fairly common.  In novel writing, things can easily go wrong for a number of reasons, usually due to lack of proper planning or relying too much on copy and paste.  

Elsewhere, I’ve talked about various techniques that can help: 

At the moment, I’m relying on a written summary I typed dealing with the antagonists, their motives and personal histories.  I read through the typed plan every day before I start to write and make notes to clarify matters.   It’s amazing how small details can easily be overlooked.


4 thoughts on “The Written Plan: Plot and Structure

  1. I am currently having a great deal of difficulty with my antagonist. She came through beautifully in my first chapter, but chapter one was from my protagonist’s POV. Now I’m on something like my seventh re-write of chapter five, which begins in her POV. I have checked my character sketch for her thirty times or more, and while I know all of her character defects, I’m having a hard time getting her to come across the way I want her to.

    I’m going to re-submit it to my critique group when I’m done, but I believe my antagonist will drive me mad long before she reaches my protagonist . . . 😉

    What a nice site, Lawrence. I think I’m going to add a link for writers who are chronicling their experiences through their blogs and add your site.

  2. Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for commenting and all the best with your antagonist.

    Do you have a link to your webpage? The wordpress link no longer appears to work.

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