Basically, everything seems to be going okay with the rewrite.  I had my first real attack of writer’s block yesterday, but it actually worked in my favour.   After three or so hours of sitting there feeling frustrated, I decided to rework a previous scene.  This is turn has led to a completely new twist in the plot that I would never even have considered before.   I have several other new angles to explore now that I’ve reached the problematic stage (just over 40,000 words).

I’m missing the other two novels, both psychological thrillers, especially the stuff about  memory flashbacks, but it’s important to sort out the problems in the first.  At some point, I expect to work with an editor who has been recommended.


2 thoughts on “Story Update

  1. Definitely. The book’s in a bit of a mess though. Removing the problem character has simply thrown the entire story off balance.

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