I’ve managed to get to 34,000 words in the rewrite of my first novel, a psychological thriller.  Recently, a literary agent pointed out that some parts of the plot are still muddled, mainly those sections told from the male character’s point of view.  Surprisingly, many of the problem sections have been easier to tackle than I expected and simplifying the man’s viewpoint has helped a lot, allowing me to develop material elsewhere.  I’m about three thousand words down from previously but I expect to make up the difference at some point.

For reasons mentioned elsewhere, I’m reluctant about copying sections from the previous draft and pasting them into the rewrite, like I did last time.   Mostly,  I’m clarifying details and developing scenes.  

I miss the other novel I started recently, the one about the therapist who begins to have flashbacks in a secluded cottage on the Dorset coast, but I feel I should deal with the structural problems in the first novel.


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