Unfortunately, I’m back to picking through some elements of the mystery plot in my first psychological thriller.  According to a literary agent, a lot of the novel is good, aside from the antagonist’s central story question that makes the story muddled.  Part of the problem, I think, has got to do with the copy and paste facility on most word processing programmes.  Eager to keep some of the descriptions and vivid scene setting in a previous draft, I moved several of the scenes to new sections using copy and paste, and rewrote these scenes in a different viewpoint, believing I’d finally solved the original problem.  The problem was never really dealt with, only restructured. 

When I read the entire novel through over a couple of evenings, I couldn’t believe how many inconsistencies there were in the new viewpoint chapters.   I think it is now a case of simplifying the revised sections and only working with those plot elements that support the protagonist’s story.

Sadly, I’ve had to place the third novel aside while I address the problems in the first, but I’ve backed everything up and look forward to returning to it later in the year.



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