I’ve been told that parts of my first novel are muddled, so I’ve had to put the third novel on hold while I go back over the plot in the first. It’s a real nuisance. I’ve enjoyed working on the third, another psychological thriller, and had managed nearly 20,000 words in a ten day period. Hopefully, the required revision won’t take long.


2 thoughts on “More Revision Needed

  1. Thanks very much for your comment.

    I think the agent would read the manuscript again as she thinks a lot of the story is good, but only if someone could vouch that I’d dealt with the problems. I may be consulting a well known editor (haven’t a clue about dealing with the cost!!!)

    Here’s just one of the types of problems in the story:

    I had a character drive to the bank to order a new PIN because the other PIN mysteriously stopped working. Yet, when she arrives at the bank she finds out that someone has requested an online change of PIN (she suspects its her husband). That’s all fine. The problem is, why does she need to drive to the bank in the first place if she has the option of ordering a new PIN from her computer?

    It’s things like this that leave me grappling.

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