Today is St Patrick’s Day.  It is also my birthday and I feel quite honoured to have been born on this special day.   I’m planning a small celebration later after work and another one tomorrow evening.   The last week has been particularly difficult with unexpected news of a family bereavement, so I’ve been kind of reeling a little and going through the various stages of disbelief. 

However, I’ve done a lot of creative writing and piano work since hearing the news and it was the music that really helped when the phone rang on Thursday lunchtime.   I went to work afterwards; I work as a musician.  I also forced myself to continue with the novel writing and have managed to complete the latest draft of a psychological thriller.   I finished it on Saturday evening and started making plans for another story.  Creativity truly helps.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all my Irish friends.


6 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day

  1. Happy b-day and the luck o the Irish to ya. You might like this music video about Obama being Irish at my site.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    There’s been a running argument in my family ever since I was born–had I been born in the states, I would’ve been born on St. Patrick’s Day, but I was born across the international dateline which means I was born on the 18th. The people stateside still claim I’m a St. Paddy’s Day baby.

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