Brief outline A three part ITV drama focusing on central character Ruth Slater who has recently come out of prison after murdering two policemen sixteen years earlier. Unfortunately for Ruth, the son of one of those policemen plans his revenge. Ruth has a younger sister who was fostered out, then adopted after the trial, and Ruth is keen to find her now. The sister, present at the murder scene, has blocked out all memories of the event.

I found the first two parts of the story fascinating, even scary at times, particularly when lawyer’s wife Izzy goes up the stairs to investigate a possible disturbance that she believes is poltergeist activity – a really creepy moment that’s unfortunately never developed. The tension builds up steadily in the first two parts. I kept expecting the policeman’s son to jump out at Ruth when she was alone in her flat. It was impossible to relax, as the menace was always buzzing in the background. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t wait for the final part, Part Three.

And yet, I found the final part disappointing. The backstory just didn’t seem scary or realistic enough – for instance, one gunshot, two bodies, the whole question of angle. Izzy’s character suddenly changed in a way I couldn’t relate to (I hadn’t realised that she herself was a lawyer as well) and I thought it odd that no one challenged Ruth’s behaviour as she wandered around the university departments and cafeteria area sitting and watching her sister. Also, I feel the sister would have had a much stronger reaction when she first saw Ruth a few yards away, regardless of whether she knew who the stranger was.

The ending, too, felt incomplete – given the disclosure at the beginning of Part Three and the events at the warehouse, it’s obvious that no real closure can ever take place for either sister or the families of the two policemen.


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