RSI ( Repetitive Strain Injury) is a real nuisance.  I’ve had problems on and off with it for years.  Last summer, a physiotherapist gave me a set of exercises designed to stretch muscles in the neck and shoulder. I did these exercises several times a day, but I think I may have overdone things. Anyway, I stopped the stretches and the discomfort stopped as well.  Now the dull ache is back.   The cold weather doesn’t help much. 

In the past, I tried Ibuprofen, various hot and cold treatments, ice, physically pummelling the area, but the problem remains ongoing. Too much of the heat treatment tends to make the muscles worse.  

 So its back to the stretches.


6 thoughts on “RSI

  1. Excellent story, would make a very good film, and I think you should make the music for the film as well!


  2. Just some facts that I’ve learned:
    Cold causes the muscles to tense. Keep warm. Wear gloves and a scarf.
    Stretches relieve the tension. Tension causes dull ache.
    Cold contributes to trigger points which cause a dull ache.
    Your activities are all contributing to your discomfort so the solution is to change what you are doing. Takes lots of breaks. Beware of proper ergonomics. Stretch. Relax. Get aerobic exercise daily. Use Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation for injury/inflammation.

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